Top Tips For Playing Cash Game Poker

Cash games in poker have always been popular at live venues but in the last few years there has been an explosion in online play, especially in Texas Hold'em. Although playing poker can be a thoroughly enjoyable past time, the real aim of the game is to make a profit. To achieve this it's not enough to simply know the best poker hands - you must get in touch with your inner shark and follow the poker cash game tips listed below.

Find the Weak Players

To be a profitable poker player you need to have a killer instinct and one of the top poker cash game tips is to pick a table where the other players are weaker than you. The beauty of cash games is you can sit in and leave at your will, so spend some time looking for the softest tables. Once you've settled in, study the other players' weaknesses, then go in for the kill. Things to look out for include, players who limp in, loose players, those who play too many hands and the fish who think he deserves to win because he has been dealt A-6 - unsuited to boot.

Play Aggressive Poker

Passive play in poker means going with the flow and just checking and calling when it's your turn to act. If you have a winning hand the outcome of this way of playing will yield a much smaller pot than if you play aggressively. Aggressive play involves betting, raising and re-raising. This style of play not only increases the size of your winnings if you have the best hand, but can also force weaker players to fold, even if they have better cards. Regarding playing with aggressive players, it's best to be seated to their left as you can determine their actions before you make any decisions on your own play.

To Bluff Or Not To Bluff?

There's nothing more thrilling than getting away with a bluff, especially if you succeed in raking in a huge pot. However, if you bluff too often, better players will quickly identify your game play and eventually swoop in and take all your chips - and that's even more thrilling. Taking the Honest John approach and never bluffing will result in players folding when you make a big bet as they'll know you've got a strong hand. So the best poker game tip for cash is to bluff, but only now and then. This approach will yield you a few pots and make you tricky to read as a player.

More Poker Cash Game Tips

Discipline: Know when to quit. If you are ahead leave the table, or if you are losing don't chase your losses. Additionally, don't play emotionally - if you feel you're being tilted take a break. Work on ways of coping with the likes of annoying opponents and bad beats.

Be aware of ranges: Don't make decisions based solely on the strength of you own hand. Consider the range of hands your opponents may hold and don't assume they have just one specific hand. In other words play the player.

Live games: When playing live games you may have to adjust your strategy.

  • Learn how to read tells
  • Play more hands from late positions
  • Manage your bank roll
  • Stay focused and avoid distractions
  • Watch how your opponents are playing even if you have folded